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Artist Statement


My artwork combines design, digital manipulation, digital art illustration, photography, installation; and at times, animation and sound. As a professional graphic designer by trade, I make extensive use of graphical elements in my art, which can include icons, symbology, or text. Photography is also at times part of the fusion used in creating my work. The visuals depicted in my pieces are usually geared to be easily understood or easily processed images. For example, in Faces of America I use the computer software Adobe Photoshop to manipulate a photograph taken of the Statue of Liberty with a telephoto lens. The Statue of Liberty is a global, iconic image for freedom and opportunity in America. Using easily identifiable imagery has its advantages but also poses challenges, like how to convey a subtle yet complex message while also using such overt, historical icons of the United States. Finding that properly balanced, visual solution is the key to successful artwork.

— Ricardo Fonseca

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